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SAREMCO IMPEX is a leading farmer, exporter and supplier of mangoes from Pakistan. Mango is the major fresh and tropical fruit we provide internationally. Pakistani mango has a prominent position among all the fruits grown in the country. Pakistan is the 4th largest mango exporter among the globe. The soil and climate condition enable Pakistan to supply and market the super quality mangoes around the world. We also provide online purchase facility of mangoes from Pakistan. Being in the list of Pakistan’s best mango suppliers, it is our priority to export best quality of all types of mangoes.


01. Chaunsa Mango

Chaunsa mango from Pakistan is among one of the world’s top variety fruit. This is an exceptionally sweet mango type with aromatic fragrance and soft & succulent flesh. This mango variety has season from June to September.

Fruit Shape:Oval long
Size:Length of 11-14 cm,Breathe of 6-8 cm
Skin Color:Golden Yellow
Pulp:Firm, Fibreless, Juicy
Acidity:0.17 – 0.18%
Brix :18-20
Season:Mid-June to mid-Aug

02. Sindhri Mango

This mango is leading variety of Sindh. This mango has ovalish long shape, large size, lemon yellow skin color when ripped, pulp color yellowish cadium, fibreless firm with fine texture, medium sized stone, aromatic flavor and sweet taste.  The season for sindhri extends from May to July.

Fruit Shape:Oval long Size: Length of 15 cm, breathe of 8 cm
Skin Color:Lemon yellow
Pulp:Fine texture, firm, fiber less
Acidity:0.14 – 0.16%
Season:mid-May to end-June

03. Sunehra

This type of mango is popular due to its large volume normally having length of about 14cm, breath 9.1cm and thickness 8.2cm. The shape of this fruit is oval, yellowish lighter skin color with smooth surface, heavy pulp with sweet taste. It has season from July to august.

04. Anwat Ratol

This fruit have abundant of juice. It is small in size with medium thick skin. The pulp is thick and fibreless. Season for this fruit is from July to august.

05. Langra

This variety of mango has a splendid demand in Europe and Canada. The skin of this fruit is green and thin, perishing smell and oval shape. The pulp is heavy and yellowish brown in color. This type of mango has season from June to august.

06. Red Kind

This type of mango has a slight red blush along with its yellow color. Has a slightly irregular shape. The flesh has fiber and is quite firm

Export Quality Mangoes Size

Minimum weight of an individual mango we exports is not less than 220g. The most sale-able weights are 300-550 g. per fruit.

Mangoes Storage

  • While harvesting, a stem of 1.5 cm left and we trim it back to 2.3 mm at the time of packing.
  • Before packing, we wash mangoes, and given fungicidal heat treatment. Mangoes are usually treated against anthracnose with hot water (as per ISO Standards for Storage).
  • Mangoes must be cooled rapidly within 24 hours.

Our Packing

  • Packaging we use are strong, preferably white, attractive and clean.
  • We wrap each mango in tissue paper packed in one layer. A 2-kg packet, containing 5-7 mangoes, is preferred in the Gulf and Europe.
  • The box will have holes for enough ventilation, and will be lidded.




Standard Size

300gms to 450gms and plus.

Shipment Documents

We require following documents for the shipment of best quality Mango by SAREMCO IMPEX

Bill of Landing, Invoice/Packing List, Certificate of Origin, Photo Certificate