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We are growers & exporter of wide range of Animal Feed products. Wheat straw is an agriculture by-product obtained from the dry stalk of wheat plants after the removal of grain and chaff. It is used as the part of fiber component in the animal diet especially for cattle and horses to maintain their energy level. They play an important role to keep the body temperature competent in cold climate. As one of the major exporters and producers, SAREMCO Impex (PVT) Ltd, ensures the premium quality wheat straw harvested by the most authentic process. We have traceability of all chemicals and pesticides applied to the fields. Our annual export of Wheat Straw is USD 50 Million

Usage:Animal Feed, Cattle feed
Availability of Wheat Straw:Full year
Moisture of Wheat Straw:9% or less
Protein value of Wheat Straw:2.5 – 7% Minimum.
No. of Bales per FCL:Approx. 750 bales (compressed).
Size of Bale(s) of Wheat Straw:17 x 18 x 18 inches.
Crude protein:4.2%
Color:Golden & yellow
Packing:130kg and as per customer request

Exports Documents

Following documents are required with every shipment of superior quality of Wheat Straw by SAREMCO Impex:

Bill of Landing, Invoice/Packing List, Certificate of Origin, Photo Certificate, and fumigation certificate