10 Fundamentals of CPEC

1.  CPEC is the main project initiated by Chinese president Xi Jinping. This project has now become a substantive framework for distinctive cooperation among China and Pakistan. Working on the important consequences of both countries our leaders have got great importance and rendered great work in the construction of CPEC. All political parties and public supported this project. The Chinese Premier Li Keqiang initiated the construction of CPEC during his visit to Pakistan in May 2013. This initiative took a quick and positive response from the government of Pakistan. It is a significant development of China-Pakistan business venture and the peace building strategies in both countries.

2. As it is a large astigmatic project and covers 2013-2030 CPEC joint efforts from social sectors, companies, and governments of both countries. In the construction procedure, both nations agreed on the fundamentals of perfect planning, the gradual implication of planning, consultancy consequences win-win results, mutual profit and ensuring the supreme quality and protection. Well, it is a long term project until 2030, but both countries prioritized the early harvesting projects and aimed to complete them before 2020. Both leaders defined some market rule for companies to do investment and run new business ventures. Both countries will do collaboration in assigned work to promote CPEC.

3. As per some authentic research by both countries, they agreed to enhance a “1+4” economic corporation pattern to feature a central role of CPEC. Both sides will work and extend the corporate sectors in terms of tourism, technology, poverty, education, and city planning.

4. China and Pakistan have built joint cooperation to encourage the construction of CPEC. The five joint working groups are serving this project. The secretariats of both states are accountable to communicate and coordinate the joint working groups.

5. Both countries are supporting the east bay expressway project and the Gwadar international airport construction to build a Gwadar smart port city. It will improve the livelihood of poor people.

6. Energy is the most import source in the development of this huge project and also a major factor in sustainable development. It is still needed to speed up the energy production plants.

7. The fast transportation network is also very important to the project like CPEC. Two major transportation projects have been rooted to cater to this need. These projects are funded by the Chinese government.

8. CPEC has given vital importance to the industrial field and the expansion of the corporate sector in both nations. In this way, both sides will enjoy win0win results. The draft of long term CPEC planning is almost completed.

9. Suki Kinari Hydropower and the KKH (Thakot to Havelian) phase Ⅱ Station are situated in KPK. The ML1 Railway up-gradation and China-Pakistan Cross-border Fiber Optic Cable Project also pass through KPK. These projects will boost tax collection.

10. With the implementation of various projects, CPEC will play an increasingly important role in promoting the economic development and uplifting living standard across different parts of Pakistan.
The Gwadar rout and western route is a major part of CPEC. Enormous efforts are in order to build some more meaningful projects for both nations and uplifting their living standards.

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