Canada to Consider importing Pakistani Mangoes

The future aspect of Pakistan and Canada’s bilateral relations seems brighter in terms of mutual trade. The trade would be enhanced to get mutual benefits to attain success in agro-research and development.

The food minister had a meeting with the Canadian high commissioner and talked about the country’s trade regarding agricultural products and other food commodities. It was also discussed that the sanitary and python-sanitary measures practiced by the developed countries have affected the agro products. Some other issues such as risk analysis and trade difficulties were also discussed in the meeting.

In this condition, the ministry of national food security is doing efforts to attain greater market access for agricultural goods.

Pakistani imports from Canada were discussed and the need for bilateral trade was also addressed among two nations. The Canadian commissioner highlighted that Canada is always ready to share information with Pakistan. She encouraged the import of canola from Canada and in return, she considered the export of premium quality of mangoes from Pakistan. The Canadian ambassador is also agreed to import a bulk quantity of mangoes from Pakistan.

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