Pakistan as a leading Mango Exporter, the Season Starts from May

Mango, the king of fruits is nutritionally rich and has extremely sweet taste, unbelievable fragrance and matchless flavor. The higher water content for this fruit contains a huge number of vitamins and fibers in it.

Pakistan has set the export target to supply 100,000 metric tons of perfect quality mangoes worldwide. This huge amount will generate about $100 million of the foreign exchange market. The season for this fruit starts from May and goes on till the end of September. Yet global warming is affecting the annual production of mangoes. The CPEC rout is also in usage to deliver the bulk quantity of mango to China. Mango is the essential menu for millions of Muslims during fasting in the holy month of Ramazan. This is a great way to increase export revenue. The major part of overall production for mango is taken from Punjab.

By providing the best quality Mangoes to the world, Pakistan is the fifth largest country in mango export having an annual output of 1.8 million tons. Mainly the two varieties Chaunsa and Sindhri are most demanded mangoes. The Gulf countries such as Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and European countries are the main purchasers of Pakistani mangoes. Furthermore, there are abundant curies from China, South Korea, the United State and Australia for different varieties of mangoes. Pakistan has 7 intermediaries running among mango producers and end-users. Get premium quality mango at saremcoimpex.com!

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