pink salt in pakistan


SAREMCO Impex offers a range of qualitynatural, and hand-crafted Himalayan salt licks. We are main manufacturers and exporters of animal salt lick from PakistanHimalayan salt licks can provide an animal a full of minerals and other nutrition which are not filled by feeds. As a leading brand, we believe in providing high quality animal salt licks in every corner of the world. We export all types of salt craftsExcellent quality and timely delivery is the key to our success.

Himalayan Salt Lick for horses, cows and other animals are 100% natural products.The Himalayan Salt Lick is mined from ancient deposits in the Himalayan Mountains. Full of minerals that your horse needs for a balanced intake of iron, potassium and magnesium. These long-lasting salt licks are weather-resistant and prevent your horse from biting off chunks. Each has a drilled hole and includes a rope for hanging. It has hole in the center where the rope is placed to tie the lick on any object. Come in different packing: individually wrapped, packed in boxes or bulk packaging. Available in all sizes up to 10 kg_

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pink salt in pakistan

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