Anwar Ratol

Anwar Ratol is small in size with medium thick skin and pleasant aroma. Its pulp is thick and ­braless. The season for this fruit starts in July and ends in August. It is extensively grown in the Punjab and the Sindh province of Pakistan. The early season variety is super-sensitive and the late-season variety of this mango has a thicker skin but same sweetness and fragrant level.

Fruit Shape: Oval long
Size: Length of 11-14 cm,Breathe of 6-8 cm
Weight: 300-400g
Skin Color: Golden Yellow
Pulp: Firm, Fibreless, Juicy
Flavor: Aromatic
TSS: 18-22%
Acidity: 0.17 – 0.18%
Brix : 18-20
Season: Mid-June to mid-Aug

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