Chickpea Straw Exporters

The Chickpea Straw is a major grain legume cultivated for its edible seeds. The plant is quick-growing, branched, and reaches a height between 20 and 60 cm, even up to 1 m. it has a deep taproot, down to 2 m, and many lateral secondary roots exploring the upper layers (15-30 cm) of the soil. Chickpea is a multipurpose grain legume widely used around the world. Several by-product of chickpea cultivation and processing are used for animal feeding, including low-grade and culled chickpea, bran, crop residues (husks, straw) and chickpea hay.

Usage: Goats, sheep and as feed ingredients.
Availability: Around the year
Moisture: 5% Max
Color: Pink, Orange
Packagingdetail: 15kg & 20kg bale
Documents: Bill of Landing, Invoice/Packing List, Certificate of Origin, Photo Certificate, phytosanitary certificate and fumigation certificate.

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