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Himalayan Salt is a growing global phenomenon, many households are changing regular table salt to Himalayan Salt. This is a completely natural, non-refined and beautiful product with the unique color and taste. Himalayan Salt is available in all specifications and sizes depending on different culinary requirements. We can grind any kind of mesh size as we use different sieves for each. Himalayan salt also comes in different colors.


SAREMCO Impex (PVT.) Ltd provides a variety of premium quality  Himalayan salt and salt products all over the world. We are the major producers and suppliers of pure Himalayan salt products from Pakistan.  For centuries, salts have been used as natural remedies for a variety of health issues. Himalayan salt is a powerful detoxifier that helps to vanish noxious from the skin and tissues. It is known for therapeutic and its beautiful crystals bring emotional healing. These crystals are believed to help balance the body’s alkaline/acidity and dissolve and eliminate sediment. Himalayan salt crystals are also used as potpourri for decoration, essential oil diffusion and air purification. SAREMCO Impex  (PVT.) Ltd guarantees the finest quality of Himalayan Salt products from Pakistan.


himalayan pink salt


Edible salt also called table salt or just salt, is a mineral, one of a very few rocks commonly eaten by humans. There are different forms of edible salt: unrefined salt, refined salt, table salt or iodised salt. It is a crystalline solid, white, pale pink or light grey in color, obtained from seawater or from rock deposits. Sea salt comes in fine or larger crystals. In nature, it includes not only sodium chloride but also other vital trace minerals. Edible rock salts may be slightly greyish in color due to this mineral content.

Salt is necessary for the survival of all living creatures, including humans. Salt is involved in regulating the water content (fluid balance) of the body. Salt flavor is one of the basic tastes. Salt cravings may be caused by trace mineral deficiencies as well as by a deficiency of sodium chloride itself.

Salt is required for life, but overconsumption can increase the risk of health problems, including high blood pressure, in those individuals who are genetically predisposed to hypertension. In food preparation, salt is used as a preservative and as a seasoning