SAREEMCO Impex supplies and manufactures fiber, flexible and fire retardant fabric for safety usages such as fire doors, covers, construction purposes, and smoke barriers. We produce wholesale fire retardant fabric with in-tumescent and rubber coating. It makes the fiber durable dust-free, moisture free and flame resistant. Our custom fire retardant fiber is also UV resistant which makes it durable for both outdoor and indoor usage and easily washable. The premium quality fire retardant fabric is professionally tested to achieve fire retardant requirements.
Feature Anti-Static, Flame Retardant, Waterproof, Anti-UV, Tear-Resistant, Refractory fire-resistant, Non-toxic, Low heat release
Use Garment, Industry, Shirt, Suit
Function Breathable Comfortable, flame retardant, anti-static
Fabric 100 %cotton
Color Customized
Service 24 Hours Service
Shrinkage Less than 3%
Packaging Details Green flame-resistant welding suit packing standard
Inner packing 1 poly bag/pcs
Outer packing 10pcs/ctn or accept the suggestion of clients
Sample The free sample is available

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