Langra Mango is sweet and delicious in taste. The skin of Langra Mango is green and thin, perishing smell and oval shape. The pulp is heavy and yellowish-brown in color. This type of mango has a season from June to August. This variety is best for slicing and canning because of its small stone, good quality, pleasant aroma, and sweet taste. It has a splendid demand in Europe and Canada.

Fruit Shape: Oval long
Size: Length of 11-14 cm,Breathe of 6-8 cm
Weight: 300-400g
Skin Color: Golden Yellow
Pulp: Firm, Fibreless, Juicy
Flavor: Aromatic
TSS: 18-22%
Acidity: 0.17 – 0.18%
Brix : 18-20
Season: Mid-June to mid-Aug

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