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We are the wholesale basmati rice distributors from Pakistan. This is the variety of long grain rice grown In Pakistan. This rice is Popular for its fragrance and delicate flavor. Pakistan is the larger cultivator and exporter of this rice. This type is grown through paddy field farming in the Punjab region.

The grains of this rice are available I two verities – white and brown Packaging:

2-5-10-25-50 kg in PP Jute or Cotton bags

(0-2% Broken | Sortexed | Double Polished / Silky Polished)

Length:7.45 mm
Width:1.62 mm
Thickness:1.51 mm


Standard Packing Jute / Mesh / Net Bags




Shipment Documents

We require following documents for the shipment of best quality Rice by SAREMCO Impex:

Bill of Landing, Invoice/Packing List, Certificate of Origin, Photo Certificate