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SAREMCO Impex (PVT.) Ltd is the leading grower and exporter of 100% natural and organic turmeric from Pakistan. We have built our own plant in Lahore, Pakistan. Our professional team and latest apparatus has made us the major distributor of fresh and organic turmeric to our largest buyers in the world. The fresh turmeric is being used in food items, pharmaceutical products and in cosmetics. The antioxidant properties of turmeric have increased its demand worldwide. We are supplying the bulk fresh and pure turmeric to Germany, Europe, Russia, and UK. To ensure the most robust and distinctive taste of this herb, we do all the processing under the full observation. We distribute the bulk turmeric in both raw and powder forms.

Production Process

Farming Unit

Curing Unit

Grinding Unit

Farming Unit

Curing Unit


Boiling turmeric around an hour in clean and slightly alkaline condition.


1: By sun-dry (6-8 days)
2: By machine (60 C)


Polishing exterior of turmeric by:
1: Manual
2: Machine

Lab Report


Medicine Industry

Tablets Useful in digestive
health Immune support
Joint health
Mental well-being and liver support

Food commodities


Cosmetic Industry

Beautification Cosmetic Skin Treatment Products

Color: Brown skin, deep orange flesh
Packing:As per your custom requirements
MOQ:10 ton
Container Size:20 ft.
Packaging:1kg/Aluminum foil bag 25kg/drum.
Packing in paper drum and two plastic-bags inside or customized packaging as per your requirements.
Unit Type:Ton/Tons

Nutritive Values
(for Cured Turmeric)

Moisture5.8 g /100 g
Protein8.6 g /100 g
Fat8.9 g /100 g
Carbohydrates63.0 g /100 g
Fiber6.9 g /100 g
Mineral Matter6.8 g /100 g
Calcium0.2 g /100 g
Phosphorus0.26 g /100 g
Iron0.01 g /100 g
Sodium0.5 g /100 g
Potassium175 IU /100 g
Vit.A0.09 mg /100g
Vit.B0.09 mg /100g
Vit.B20.09 mg /100g
Vit.C49.8 mg /100g
Niacin4.8 mg /100g
Calorific value390 calories per 100g
Essential OilDried Rhizomes 5-6%
Fresh Rhizomes 0.24%