Usage of Home Textile Products

Home textile products basically used for home furnishing and household functions. Such products create an internal environment of the home by dealing with the internal space and decorations. There are multiple products of home textile in daily usages such as towels, bedding, dining, and furnishing. SAREMCO Impex is the leading producer, supplier, wholesaler, and exporter of textile products from Pakistan.


Get different types of premium quality towels for your multiple usages. Bath towels for drying your body. Beach towels are used when going on the beach. Pool towels are used for wiping a body or surface. Bamboo yarn towels to dry hands and for hotel usage. Face towel is a small square towel made from extremely soft material, used for cleaning the face.


Perfect bedding is very important to enhance the interior look of the bedroom. This is the most important home textile item. People use bed skirts, bed covers, bedspreads, etc. to decorate their bedrooms. Bed skirts hide all the unnecessary objects under the bed. The bedspread is lightweight and soft and can be used both in warm or cold weather. Duvet covers work as protective layers on the duvets. Pillow covers are used to save the pillows from dust.


Furnishing products include chair covers, cushion covers, chair pads, table clothes, table skirts, table runners, and curtains. These things improve your interior design and contribute to the greatest appearance of the room with beautiful colors and prints. You can also use all these products in hospitals, hotels, hostels, and at many other places.

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