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Different Varieties of T-shirts in Fashion World


The classic t-shirt has always been impressive to wear. The basic t-shirt has undergone numerous transformation steps to become as the most adaptable men’s garment and now it has become a style icon of everyone’s wardrobe.

The export world is full of a wide range of t-shirts manufacturing companies. Saremco impex is the leading producer and exporter of all types of supreme quality t-shirts from Pakistan. The most popular types of t-shirts are polo shirts, plain t-shirts, designed t-shirts, sports t-shirt, v neck t-shirts. Round neck t-shirts and many others.

Some aesthetic and modern t-shirts are mentioned below:

Sports t-shirts

Sports t-shirts are made from flexible and durable fabric. These t-shirts can be printed with logo, different colors, and names. A bulk quantity of sports t-shirts is being used globally.

Round neck t-shirts

The most ubiquitous t-shirt is round neck t-shirts that are encountered by men. It contains a round, circle neckline that cozily fits at the neck. It is best to fit for narrow, long faces and sloped shoulders’ men to have a perfect-rounded contour and timeless look.

The V neck style

This form of t-shirt contains a v shape at the neck. This shirt suits best on the guys with broad shoulders and round shaped faces. This style of shirt flatters the body and provides a slim look. The v neck t-shirt can also be paired along with unbuttoning shirt.

Polo shirts

This variety of t-shirts adorned with collars and buttons giving a sense of formal look. This type of t-shirt is most advantageous for men with a lean frame.

Long sleeve t-shirt

One of the most traditional and staple t-shirt is long sleeves t-shirt worn by most men. While purchasing, make sure that sleeve fits the biceps snugly and hits the midpoint of the upper arm. Such sleeves cover the entire arm by reaching the lengths of the forearm.

Designer print t-shirts

These shirts are customized by trendy slogans, logos, prints and colors to add spunk to your routine outfit. Pair these t-shirts with sneakers and jeans to get a balance in your overall look.

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