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Saremco Impex Private Limited is a reliable & authentic supplier and manufacturer of Himalayan Rock Salt Products. We export pure & refined quality of Himalayan Edible Pink Salt. Edible Salt contains several minerals and trace elements those are essential for our body and for our breathing system.

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With the ongoing awareness wave of health facts; people have a concern about the agricultural supplies that are being grown un-naturally. Saremco Food Processing is one of the best among Agri Product Exporters. We ensure that the product we are exporting needs to adhere to all the international food quality standards.


We value our relationships with current and future customers. We believe in mutual growth and we ensure to communicate our appreciation to our customers through our outstanding quality of the product and quick delivery.

SAREMCO Impex specializes in the production and trading of agricultural products worldwide. We have a range of agriculture products which we harvest from our own farms majorly and handle them carefully till delivery to our clients' premises.



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Mining Industry in Pakistan

Mining in Pakistan

Pakistan has great future in mining because it has huge deposits of minerals

Saremco Impex Pvt Ltd upholds the pledge of delivering top-quality minerals and agriculture-related products directly from the huge natural resources of Pakistan. We deal in chromite ore, iron ore, crystal silica quartz, and granite as metallic minerals and a wide range of agricultural products like fresh fruits and vegetables. Along with this, we have Himalayan salt, which caters to industrial and consumer needs all over the world.

Our Commitment to Quality and Integrity

Enterprise Saremco Impex Pvt Ltd surely has an edge in the “Industry” segment due to our undisputed principles of quality, honesty, and unceasing client satisfaction. Quality is our main value and that is why our high-quality products mirror the international standards of excellence upholding all the time the fetters of quality control measures at all levels of production. Our crew considers every element from supplying to packaging to make certain that our products are real and remain pristine. Besides that, they guarantee that the quality remains high and unmatched by the others in the market.

Minerals Export from Pakistan – Showcasing the Richness of Pakistan’s Natural Resources

Pakistan is one of the countries with large mineral reserves and Saremco Impex Limited with Chamazi reduces the world to see the richness and richness of these resources. Our range of metallic minerals includes: Our range of metallic minerals includes

Chromite Ore: Containing a high amount of chromium, it is a raw material, that is worth a lot to be used in other companies like stainless steel production, metallurgy, and manufacture of refractory materials.

Iron Ore: Pakistan iron reserves are the third largest in the world and in this way pose as a strong competitor in the global industry of iron and steel.

Crystal Silica Quartz: Known for its perfection, quartz crystals silica are widely used in glass production, electronics, and ceramic product creation.

Granite: From the shades to the patterns, Pakistan’s granite reserves come up with a wealth of colors that the global construction and decorative stone industries have found great use in.

Agricultural Products – From Farm to Table

Beyond minerals, Pakistan is also recognized for its rich agricultural heritage, and Saremco Impex Pvt Ltd takes the opportunity to export a wide range of various agricultural products, produced at the lovely disciplines of their conventional lands in Pakistan.

Fruits and Vegetables From nature’s best-kept secret – The mangoes and oranges, to the crisp apples and vibrant, rich-colored vegetables Pakistan grows a wide variety of fresh produce and exports them around the world.

Himalayan Salt – Originating from the ancient salt mines in the Himalayan region, Himalayan salt is well known for its purity and mineral composition – a reason why it is preferred both as a cooking and preserving ingredient.

Trusted Exporter in Pakistan – Your Partner for Success

Saremco Impex Private Limited, being one of the foremost export minerals and agriculture products, stands out for trust, professionalism, and works of excellence in the Pakistani export business We are working hard with our customers to understand them personally and without any complaints and fulfill all of their needs on the personalized manner. We handle all customs and logistics and guarantee that products arrive promptly and intact. Customer satisfaction is at the top of our priorities making our company the leading exporter in the world.

Experience the superior quality that is in Pakistani minerals and agri-products with Saremco Impex Pvt Ltd. By sourcing chromite ore, iron ore, crystal silica quartz, granite, and other agri-products from our company, you are getting your hands on the best raw materials in the industry. Communicate with us directly via telephone to learn more about our products and services; kindly let us through you as your export partner from Pakistan.