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Saremco Impex Private Limited is a reliable & authentic supplier and manufacturer of Himalayan Rock Salt Products. We export pure & refined quality of Himalayan Edible Pink Salt. Edible Salt contains several minerals and trace elements those are essential for our body and for our breathing system.

Salt export from pakistan


With the ongoing awareness wave of health facts; people have a concern about the agricultural supplies that are being grown un-naturally. Saremco Food Processing is one of the best among Agri Product Exporters. We ensure that the product we are exporting needs to adhere to all the international food quality standards.


We value our relationships with current and future customers. We believe in mutual growth and we ensure to communicate our appreciation to our customers through our outstanding quality of the product and quick delivery.

SAREMCO Impex specializes in the production and trading of agricultural products worldwide. We have a range of agriculture products which we harvest from our own farms majorly and handle them carefully till delivery to our clients' premises.



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Mining Industry in Pakistan

Mining in Pakistan

Pakistan has great future in mining because it has huge deposits of minerals