Pakistan’s Rich Mineral Reserves

Pakistan has blessed with huge reserves of Natural Minerals and these natural metallic minerals are valuable and highly demanded globally. In recent years, Pakistan has become an important player in natural mineral exports. Local & foreign companies are taking part in mining industry of Pakistan, and direct flow of investment is also observed in past years. The increase in exports of metallic minerals has also become an essential reason for the country’s economic growth, especially in 2023.

Mining Industry and Minerals export plays a crucial role in providing new job opportunities in northern areas of Pakistan, as major population from these areas rush to cities to find jobs. Overall, the country has a huge potential for minerals export growth. Minerals export is the most valuable form of export. That can enhance economic prosperity for the country and economic prosperity pays back to Pakistan’s people. The government in Pakistan always encourages investors/businesses to meet the export potential of the country and now Government of Pakistan is facilitating both local & foreign companies those are participating in mining and in export of minerals.

Mining Industry of Pakistan

Mining industry is a game changer industry for Pakistan’s economy as Minerals extraction promotes economic expansion. All types of manufacturing industries are linked with mining, because minerals dugged out from the rocks of Pakistan are used as raw material in many manufacturing sectors locally and globally. Our neighbouring country China has industrial revolution and China is buying natural minerals of Pakistan in bulk to meet their industrial & manufacturing needs. Pakistan has rich natural reserves of almost every metallic mineral and these minerals used as raw material in many industries. If Pakistan only focus to meet mineral needs of China, we can generate billion dollars export worth from our neigbouring partner. The growth in the mining sector always has a positive impact on the other existing industries in the country. The mining industry has a great potential in Pakistan because Government of Pakistan is also trying to improve rules & regulations for Mining and providing safety and security measures for corporates involved in Mining in northern areas of Pakistan.

Numerous mertallic minerals and natural minerals including Chormite Ore concentrate, Iron Ore both Types iron ore hematite and iron ore magnetite, Silica Quartz & Silica Stone and all types of Granite, coal, copper, gold, mineral salt, bauxite, and numerous more minerals are found in Pakistan. The mineral resources of Pakistan are found in all parts of the country. In Pakistan, there are around 5,000 plus mines with all needed equipments and machineries. A study also states that approximately 600,000 square km of mineral resources are available in Pakistan. Out of all the Pakistani provinces, , Baluchistan and Kyber Pakhtunkhwa have the biggest mineral reserves, both of these provinces land is rich in raw copper ore, granite, silica quartz and chromite reserves.

Chromite Ore Reserves

Chromite is among the most precious metatlic mineral of Pakistan. There is a great need for this reserve all across the globe in manufacturing. Worldwide manufacturing firms love to use chromite reserves as a catalyst and an oxidant material. More than 226.8 Million metric tons of chromite is found in Pakistan. China, the USA, and the UK are the major importers of chromite reserves from Pakistan. 

Iron Ore Reserves of Pakistan

Iron ore is also among the most precious mineral that is found in Pakistan. Pakistan has both Iron Ore Magnetite and Iron Ore hematite resrvces. Iron reserves are known as the high-quality demanded minerals that have great aspects in the manufacturing industry. In Pakistan, more than 1.5 billion of iron reserves are found. In 2015, a huge reserve of Iron ore was found in Chiniot Pakistan. Raw iron ore is highly demanded by firms engaged in manufacturing business. It’s an essential part of the industrial sector, especially for the cement industry. Pakistan has a bright future when it comes to exports of iron ore. Exports of iron reserves will increase foreign currency. This will also help to overcome the financial deficit.

Unprocessed Granite Premium Types are available in Pakistan and Saremco Impex Private Limited is expert in export of unprocessed granite in black, star white, grey and golden color.

Granite Reserves of Pakistan

Granite is a common type of intrusive, felsic (rich in silica and feldspar), igneous rock that is granular and phaneritic in texture. It is primarily composed of minerals such as quartz, feldspar, and mica, along with varying amounts of other minerals. The specific mineral composition of granite can vary, but these minerals collectively give granite its distinctive appearance and characteristics.

Granite is a hard and durable rock with a Mohs hardness of 6-7, making it resistant to abrasion and suitable for various applications.

Due to its durability and attractive appearance, granite is widely used as a dimension stone in construction, countertops, flooring, and decorative elements. It is also used as a material for sculptures and monuments.

Granite is a popular choice for kitchen and bathroom countertops because of its durability, resistance to heat and scratches, and the variety of colors and patterns available. It is quarried from locations around the world, and different types of granite may have distinct characteristics based on their geological origin.

Mining Process Followed in Pakistan

Open Cast Mining 

Most of the time, minerals like coal and iron are found near the surface. These minerals are extracted by using the open-cast mining process. After the extraction, these minerals are loaded into trains and wagons.

Adit Mining  

Adit mining is like opening a passage into the earth’s crest. Horizontal tunnels are dug down into the surface until the minerals are found. The passage might be a horizontal one or a slope up. The minerals are carried out through a valley or hill.

Shaft Mining 

Vertical shafts are dug down into the surface. These might be longer than 200 meters. This method of mining is expensive and takes so much time. Both metallic and non-metallic minerals are found in Pakistan. Importers contracted with mining firms and drew out their desired minerals.

Well, exporting mining products is always a lucrative business. Pakistan’s economy will surely grow if quality imports are done by the exporters.