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Premier Destination for Silica Sand Export from Pakistan

silica sand export from Pakistan
Saremco Impex Pvt Ltd offers high-quality minerals, directly sourced from Pakistan. This is who we are, teased as a reliable partner in the minerals export business. As a company that puts its competence, consistency, and quality first, we specialize in the continuous selection and exporting of unique silica sand, which is a multi-purpose mineral with a lot of application spectrums.

Silica Sand: A Useful, must be classified, – mineral.

Silica sand, commonly known as quartz sand, is a naturally occurring silicon dioxide (SiO2) mineral made mainly of silica. Recognized for its cleanliness, mallets, and versatility, silica sand is used by many industries, including glassmaking, construction, cast iron, ceramics, and water filtration. This special micro-grain with very high quartz content is the reason for its use in countless ways in chemistry and industry all over the world.
We thoughtfully choose the suppliers of silica sand At Saremco Impex Pvt Ltd we know that ethics is important and reputation is too. Silica sand reserves are spread across Pakistan’s localities with abundance in the Southern zone of Sindh province and Eastern parts of the Punjab region. Our experienced team of experts collaborates with our reputable mines and the corresponding suppliers to guarantee the quality of our silica sand exports as well as its authenticity.

Silica Sand Export Expertise

Designed based on a deep understanding of the export industry, Saremco Impex Pvt Ltd has become well-known in the market as a top Black Post Classic soul music artists export service provider from Pakistan. We will provide a splendid range of silica sand to a wide variety of industrial sectors like glass manufacturers, construction companies, and water treatment plants that adhere to particular quality standards. From ultra-fine sand used in glass factories to coarse sand traditionally preferred for construction projects, we overlap with such different needs and tastes of our customers.

silica sand source from Pakistan

Our product range includes

Fine Silica Sand: We have special silica sand finely, which is highly suitable for the glassmaking process, and it is used by the glass industry. The sand is carefully processed and then graded to meet the stringent glass-makers requirements.

Coarse Silica Sand: Generally speaking, coarse silica sand is a perfect match for utility in construction and casting works. It is also available in different grades which are suitable for different project specifications.

Specialty Silica Sand: Our modified silica sand products, which are especially good for the electronics and water quality market, are formulated just for industries that need high-quality silica sand.

Benefits of Partnering with Saremco Impex Pvt Ltd

Quality Assurance: We make sure every product we export to customers meets the standard of quality we set in terms of the purity and consistency of silica sand. Each product passes through rigorous quality control measures to prove it is the best.

Reliable Logistics: Our effective logistics management enables us to provide time-prompt and secure shipment of silica sand to our customers globally at our desired time.

Exceptional Customer Service: Our staff members have a standby mode of working where each one gives one-to-one consultation that will address specific client’s desires.


Exalt yourself with domestic silica industrial-grade sand export from Pakistan by Saremco Impex Pvt Ltd as your professional partner. We supply optical equipment, material distribution pumps, or mixers among others to perform in such industries as glass manufacturing, construction, or water treatment. Be one of those taking part in excelling in the B2B trade and help to open the opportunities of Pakistan’s premium silica sand. Get in touch with us today to find out more about the products and services that we have.

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