Internationally more than 1 billion people consume potatoes which makes this vegetable to be 3rd most important crop in the world. Cultivation is sustainable because potato is produced rapidly on less land and also use less water hence, it became an important food crop. Export of potato is increased 10% due to good production of vegetables. Potatoes are exported in bulk quantities to different countries from Pakistan all over the world. Potato contains no fats and many important nutrients like B6, B1m copper, potassium, fiber, pantothenic acid, and Vitamin C. There is less sodium in potatoes. We are thankful for the latest technology that is utilized or used for the betterment crop growth.

Potato is the 4th most important crop according to production. Major exporers have potatoe farms in Punjab and it is good for both home cooked or industrial fries, or any other consumption, this is a great source. Our export market is Turkey, Srilanka, GCC, Middle east, and Russia.

Versatile ad demanding

Potato is versatile because it is used in variety of dishes and people consumed it in multiple dishes more than once in table. Potato is boiled, mashed, snack, fried, and baked hence you can use in multiple ways. Saremco Impex potato is an established organization and working to export excellent quality food items from Pakistan. Our item’s quality is proof of our dedication and hard work

In Pakistan, exporters are deeply involved in potato grading, arrangement, washing, and then exporting to precious customers. We produce different varieties of potato in good quality. In Pakistan, exporters have processing plant in cold storage and packing facility.

Processing Facilities

Even in villages of Pakistan, we have all types of latest machinery for all task like grading, washing, line-arrangement, drying, and other options.  Saremco provides services without any second thought. Our aim is to satisfy customer.

Before shipment

Our export quality products are properly checked before shipping. We have performed all essential task, have manpower to manage all such tasks. Pakistan land is rich for producing fresh fruits and vegetables. All countries love to eat our fruits and you can see many clients are demanding more and more from our country so production is also increased. We have fertilized land.

Satisfying Client

Fresh Hermes Potatoes have potential ad used as important food item however, it is vegetable but very tasty and healthy. It has zinc, calcium, phosphorous, and magnesium. This product has highest potential and known as a best quality of potato.

Increasing the standard of living

Our exporters improve quality with the help of proper treatment, machinery, and required all need full. It depends on professionalism we have in our all-export team, and management.

If you want to place an order then contact us our sales team that will provide you full access and services without any delay. Our dedicated team will support you till end. The procedure and documentation is simple so that we can make your life easy and peaceful because client’s satisfaction is aim of our life.

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Rice products are used in Asian and Pakistani food and it is found in all types of dishes in the world. People depend on it if they have a curry to eat. The seeds of Oryza sativa (Asian) and Oryza glaberrima (African) plants are available in different sizes, shapes, tastes /flavors, and textures. Rice is easy to consume so we will discuss different types of rice varieties in this post. Pakistan produces 2 times more than consumption at national level and export to the international market. The Pakistani government produce 10 different types of rice with clear objectives.

Rice is the oldest cultivate the crop and is an important part of the food of the maximum population specially in the Near east, southern, and Eastern Asia. After enough cultivation in water, this long grain is known to obtain extra-long grain double in size while preparation. Rice lovers will enjoy this article.

 Rice Varieties

1121 Kainat White rice

1121 rice is an excellent quality rice available in markets. The price of this rice is cost-effective so it is popular globally and exported to the UK, UAE, Europe, Africa, and more. As you know 1121 rice needs no introduction and explanation as it has popularity because of its length. 1121 rice is known as the world’s longest grain in all types of rice. It is not only popular due to length but it has rich taste and the length of grain of 8.35 mm including soft texture, high nutritional values, and ease to cook. It can extend 3 times more than its length if you are able to cook properly. Both national and international clients prefer this rice as a choice of chefs all over the world.

The 1121 rice is cultivated carefully so it is good for health because have nutritional value and is a perfect source of vitamins. It has no cholesterol and it helps to reduce weight. If you want to lose weight without any plan then it is useful.

1121 KINAT Brown Rice

Brown rice is extra-long, thick, and famous all over the world. It is appreciated by our farmers as they use river water and this hard work makes it an international organic food and also fulfills international standards. After cooking this product grains separate from each other. This rice is also rich in iron, calcium, and protein. The rice’s growth process removes only outer layer. The latest machinery is also used to add some color of rice. Brown rice is more healthy than white rice and also looks good.


1121 Sela Rice is thin, long, and filled with a natural fragrance with texture. It has become a favorite food for all. Both local and global clients enjoy sela rice that we take from lush-green fields of Pakistan. Customers have experience of our rice that ensure taste, delightful food, and aroma. We use the latest technologies like steaming tech that transform rice in such a way that remains separate, tasty, and consistent in quality. Pakistan has started commercial production of Sela rice from the last many years and successfully made their value in the international level.


C9 White rice is a long and new variety that originated from Punjab and perfect production of C9 -long grain regularly. This C9 extra-long grain is transformed from processes and bears striking because it is a hybrid seed. In international market, client of C9 is increased however, rice importer, buyer, and sellers also demand for C9. Pakistani exporters take millions of inquiries regarding this rice product.

C9 rice doesn’t have starch and sugar or any substance so it cooks quickly and is good for heavy lunch. It is good to take rice in the afternoon.

C9 Brown Rice

C9 Brown rice is harvested in millions of tons and processed after all traditional and latest procedures. Local farmers work in private groups and provide them with extremely good quality that is supplied locally and also in other countries of the world. Traditional C9 brown rice needs more effort and material usage. The team checks and harvest rice accurately. The price is also affordable and Pakistan is ready to provide this quality to an international buyer. Let’s buy and enjoy the C9 rice (processed and managed fully).

C9 Sella Ric

C9 Sella Rice is considered golden, unusual creamy and yummy. It is used by all food companies, bakeries, and restaurants. C9 provides us healthy lifestyle. Its taste is a wonderful and its good size that makes it a separate quality. The strength and quality are increased by farmers that shows wonderful output.


IRRI-6 SELA rice is extra-long and type of long categories and very popular in the Gulf, European, Eastern, and African markets.   is a type of long-grain non-basmati rice that is very popular in the African, Eastern European, and Gulf markets. This rice has excellent cooking results. IRRI-6 produces good results.

IRRI-6 White Rice

IRRI-6 variety is better in all grades and it is exported in bulk quantity to different countries in the world including African regions. Its length is 7mm, long and thin grain and no aroma is present. The dedicated and professional team of Pakistan is working in mills and farms to produce clean and best quality that is not comparable to any other country.

IRRI-6 Brown Rice

IRRI-6 brown is a type of long grain rice that is processed in Punjab and Sindh province of Pakistan. Pakistan has hard working team of professionals, trainers, and farmers who have complete information about farming and also technical knowledge so they can produce awesome quality and better results. They fulfill client’s demands and create perfect grain. We provide incomparable quality and rice is appreciated by big clients all over the world.

1121 Kainat Rice

1121 Kainat Basmati Steamed Rice the longest grain and a new way to produce unique shape rice in the market. Our old citizens prefer this rice due to its quality as it is processed naturally. Pakistan has a special fertilization place and provides us with better quality results. A unique and amazing taste is produced with help of an advanced and experienced team.