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Pakistan Fresh Citrus Mandarin Fruits , Naval oranges, Ready to Export at Good Quality Natural kinnow

Pakistan is renowned for its high-quality citrus fruits, including Mandarin oranges, Naval oranges, and Kinnows. These fruits are not only delicious but also loaded with essential nutrients. If you’re looking for fresh, top-quality citrus fruits for export, Pakistan is the ideal source. Our citrus fruits are grown in the fertile soil and perfect climate of […]

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Benefits of Mandarin Oranges (Kinnow) for Skin, Interesting Facts, and Delicious Recipes

Mandarin oranges, also known as Kinnow in Pakistan, are not only a delightful fruit to savor but also a treasure trove of skin benefits. In addition to exploring the numerous advantages they offer for your skin, we’ll uncover some intriguing facts about these citrus gems. Furthermore, we’ll delve into some mouthwatering recipes that showcase the […]


Types of Mandarin Orange Kinnow In Pakistan

Varieties of Citrus Fruits in Pakistan Citrus fruits rank as the second most cultivated fruit globally, with Pakistan securing the top position in their production. These fruits are a wintertime delight, enjoyed worldwide, and each region offers its unique specialties. Pakistan, in particular, is known for its ideal soil conditions for cultivating citrus, especially Mandarin […]