Saremco Impex Private Limited is a major growers and experter of Agri Products, Metallic Minerals and Himalayan Salt Products. Saremco Impex Private Limited works under supervision of Saremco Group of Companies. Our agriculture products includes export of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables, we export a wide range of fresh fruits and vegetables but our major exports are Potato, Mango, Onion and Kinnow. We also export Animal feed products on large scale including Rhodes Grass Hay, Wheat Straw Hay, Rice Straw, Corn Silage and Other Agricuture Waste products. Saremco Impex Private Limited is a largest producer and exproter of Metallic minerals products and a major grower, manufacturer ad exporter of Agricutlrue Products from Pakistan.

Paksitan is enriched with huge reserves of Metallic Minerals in Wazirastan , Chagi, Balochistan and other Northern Areas of Pakistan. Saremco Impex Private Limited is one of the poineer company has facilitated mining, producton and refining of these high demand mineral products. Our Metallic mineral products range includes Chrome Ore Concentrate or Chromite Ore Concentrate, Copper Ore Lumps concentrate, Iron Ore, Mananese Ore, Soap Stones, Slica Stone, Granite stone and Sodium Chloride Industrial Grade. Some of mertallic minerals such as Chrome Ore concentrate and Copper ore lumps concentrate are the worlds’ most consumed insutrial metal mineral in the world. We have shipped metallic minerals to South Korea and Japan markets, now we are focusing to penetrate in new South East Asian and European markets with our competitive prices and high quality natural metallic menerals products.


Our worldwide presence enables us to offer competitive prices for exporting agricultural products in the market. These operational efficiencies enable us to deliver the highest quality to our customers without compromising on value and quality.

We Deal In

We deal in Fresh Fruits & Vegitables Rice and Grains Himalayan Salt Animal Feed and Fodder Minerals Herbs and Spices Chemicals we have (a joint venture with Korean company), Rice and Animal Feed.

How We Work

. We are leading growers, manufacturers and exporters of premium quality Agricultural and Textile products from Pakistan. SAREMCO Impex (Pvt.) Ltd. is established to expand its trade spheres, majorly working in the fields of Textile

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