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Saremco’s Onion

Onions are incorporated into our diets very intensively and are benefitting us in innumerable ways. The antioxidants, minerals, and vitamin-rich vegetables help combat heart disease, weight gain, and cancer. Like many other fresh vegetables, Pakistani Onions are also exported and acclaimed all over the world.  SAREMCO IMPEX PVT. LTD. exports the best quality of this product.


Onion can be used in different forms. You can get onion powder for shelf-ready solutions, or you can use them raw in a wide range of recipes like casseroles pizzas.

In recent years onion export from Pakistan has seen a great boost. It is increasing by 10% than in previous years from 2015. It is hoped that by 2025 Pakistan will be among the largest exporter of onions in the world. This will open new gates for onion suppliers from Pakistan in the international market. Pakistan is among the largest onion exporting country. There are various red onion suppliers in Pakistan.


Saremco Impex Pull any onions that send up flower stalks; this means that the Red onions have stopped growing. These are bad quality red onions that will not store well but can be used in recipes within a few days. We harvest Red onions on time with best possible cultivation type methods. We wait for the moment when onions start to mature, the tops become yellow and begin to fall over. At this point, our workers bend the tops down or even stomp on them to speed the final ripening process of Pakistani red onion. This means that we get fresh vegetables for trade.


Saremco Impex is becoming one of the fastest-growing red onion exporters in Pakistan. We produce Farm fresh onion for trade. We give attention to every step of Onion export. Our Packaging and storage system is second to none. Packaging Saremco International Pays full attention to its product Packaging. Due to these virtues, our product is demanded worldwide, also, we have developed best practices for Agro-Products packaging. For red onion export, we use mesh bags. Jute bags are also available as per customer requirements. There are different weight categories that range from 5Kg to 50 Kg.

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We are a premier producer of supreme quality Red Onions and one of the largest fresh red onion exporters in Pakistan as well. We are in the business of fruits and vegetable export for the last 1 and half-decade. Export We possess all certificates of quality control management necessary for Agricultural export worldwide. Our packaging process is based on best practices and standards renowned worldwide, thus reducing any chance of mixing any particles with the product. Saremco International export of onions from Pakistan belongs to regions, including Southeast Asia, Europe, Middle East, North America, and South America. Our product is widely used in countries of the Pacific region. Produced and processed at our farms, we offer the best products in the market.


In terms of emergency, we offer air shipments to our clients so the order can be reached on time. We specialize in arranging the fastest, most convenient, and reliable routing for our customer’s shipments. To get more information, you can contact us as well. Our extensive knowledge of customer clearance makes us confident about your Cargo’s arrival at its destination safely and promptly.



MOQ20 Ton
Price:$299 to $330 / Ton
Product Type:Red Onion
Vegetable Shape:dome
Place of Origin:Pakistan
Cultivation Type:Common
Supply Ability:50000 Ton/Tons per Month

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