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Mangoes directly export from Pakistan at Saremco Impex

Mangoes source from Pakistan

Mango is one of the tropical fruits, which export has experienced tremendous development in recent years in Pakistan. One of the main reasons is innovation in transportation to air and sea freight. It opened doors to deliver large quantities at competitive prices. Mango is on the top of the list of fruits grown in Pakistan. Pakistan is the 5th largest producer and the 3rd largest exporter of mango in the world. Its soil and climatic conditions enable production and market supply of good quality fresh mango over a period of about 5 to 6 months. Mango Pakistan, therefore, enjoys a prominent position in the international market. Saremco Impex farms are registered by the farming association as fresh fruit and vegetable exporters in Pakistan. We grow different mango varieties in Pakistan including different types of mangoes like Sindhri mango, Chaunsa mango, Dusehri mango, and Anwar ratol mangoes with quality and standards.

Mangoes Production at Saremco Impex

Mango season in Pakistan comes in June and stay till August. Pakistan has successfully fulfilled the highest mango exports during the current season of 2020. This year Pakistan export of mangoes is over 125,000 tons, that worth $72 million. This is from list of mango exporters in Pakistan. Despite numerous issues due to the COVID-19 pandemic Mangoes in Pakistan have never stopped cultivation. Saremco Impex played a significant role in this year’s Mango export in Pakistan. We are one of the leading organizations that do the Pakistani mango business in Pakistan.

Chaunsa Mangoes export from Pakistan

Chaunsa Mangoes

Chaunsa Mangoes is originally from Rahim Yar Khan and Multan. It is one of the most demanding verities of mangoes from Pakistan. Chaunsa Mango has is light yellow in color and has a thick stone and flesh. Chaunsa is the first choice of every mango lover because of its rich aroma, sweet taste, juicy pulp and high nutritious contents.

Additionally, Lady Rosetta Potatoes are well-suited for starch and mashed potato preparations. Fresh cooking potatoes with their skin intact are a rich source of essential vitamins and minerals, including potassium and vitamin C.


Our commitment to excellence extends to our meticulous packaging of the finest mangoes in the world. As a producer, SAREMCO Impex provides tailored packaging solutions for Pakistani honey mangoes. We fulfill orders with packaging designed to meet each customer’s specific requirements while maintaining the highest standards of quality and hygiene. This customized packaging service extends to all Pakistani fruits, ensuring that they reach you in optimal condition. Among these fruits, Gulab Khas mangoes from Pakistan, renowned for their size and flavor, hold a special place in our offerings.

Mangoes directly export from Pakistan


SAREMCO offers LCL and FCL services from Port to Port for best Pakistani mangoes. Our ocean freight shipment is most secure and reliable. We work with all shipping lines with fixed contract rates. SAREMCO Impex Core expertise lies in Providing a full customized range of solutions to customers. We know all ins and outs of How to export mangoes from Pakistan. We always send a shipment with the latest mango price in Karachi.

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In terms of emergency, we offer air shipments to our clients so the order can be reached on time. We specialize in arranging the fastest, most convenient, and reliable routing for our customer’s shipments. To get more information, you can contact us as well. Our extensive knowledge of customer clearance makes us confident about your Cargo’s arrival at its destination safely and promptly.



Fruit Shape:Oval long
Size:Length of 11-14 cm,Breathe of 6-8 cm
Skin Color:Golden Yellow
Pulp:Firm, Fibreless, Juicy
Acidity:0.17 – 0.18%
Brix :18-20