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Saremco’s Spices and Herbs Division

At Saremco Impex, we take pride in offering a wide range of premium spices, herbs, and turmeric powder that are carefully selected and processed to elevate your culinary experiences in our own Spices Processing Plant. Our certified spices processing plant facility is imported from Japan and installed by international Engineers in Lahore city of Pakistan. With a focus on quality and taste, our products are crafted to meet the diverse needs of global consumers.

Superior Quality Spices:

Experience the authentic flavors and aromas with our superior quality spices. We source the finest spices from renowned regions around the world, ensuring the highest standards of purity and freshness. Our rigorous quality control measures guarantee that each batch of spice is free from additives, preservatives, and artificial flavors.

Pure and Vibrant Turmeric Powder

Discover the golden treasure of our turmeric powder. We source turmeric from trusted farmers who adhere to sustainable farming practices, ensuring the highest quality and purity. Our turmeric powder is known for its vibrant color, distinct aroma, and rich flavor, making it a perfect addition to various cuisines and traditional recipes.

Turmeric Powder


Our natural, fresh turmeric is a vibrant spice that has been a staple in curry powders and as a standalone spice for centuries. It’s an indispensable herb for your kitchen. Saremco Aromatic offers finely ground turmeric that combines rich color and premium flavor. We take pride in providing the world’s finest turmeric, known for its exceptionally high curcumin content.



Delicious and succulent mandarin oranges are a fantastic fruit originating from Pakistan. They not only boast a delightful taste but also offer numerous health advantages. With only about 60 calories per whole orange and no fat, cholesterol, or sodium, mandarins are a nutritious choice. Nutritionists often highlight their high Vitamin C content. Pakistan’s production of mandarins, especially the Kinnow variety, is on the rise, and the country consistently exports substantial quantities of mandarins worldwide. At Saremco, we take pride in cultivating fresh mandarins and Kinnow on our own farms, which we export to countries including Russia and others.


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