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Chrome ore Concentrate, saremco impex

Saremco Impex Pvt Ltd is a major growers and exporter of Agri Products, Metallic Minerals and Himalayan Salt Products. Saremco Impex Private Limited works under supervision of Saremco Group of Companies. Our agriculture product includes export of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables, we export a wide range of fresh fruits and vegetables but our major exports are Potato, Mango, Onion and Kinnow. We also export Animal feed products on large scale including Rhodes Grass Hay, Wheat Straw Hay, Rice Straw, Corn Silage and Other Agriculture Waste products. Saremco Impex Private Limited is a largest producer and exporter of Metallic minerals products and a major grower, manufacturer ad exporter of Agriculture Products from Pakistan


Pakistan is enriched with huge reserves of Metallic Minerals in Waziristan , Chagi, Balochistan and other Northern Areas of Pakistan. Saremco Impex Private Limited is one of the pioneer company has facilitated mining, production and refining of these high demand mineral products. Our Metallic mineral products range includes Chrome Ore Concentrate or Chromite Ore Concentrate, Copper Ore Lumps concentrate, Iron Ore, Manganese Ore, Soap Stones, Silica Stone, Granite stone and Sodium Chloride Industrial Grade. Some of metallic minerals such as Chrome Ore concentrate and Copper ore lumps concentrate are the worlds’ most consumed industrial metal mineral in the world. We have shipped metallic minerals to South Korea and Japan markets, now we are focusing to penetrate in new South East Asian and European markets with our competitive prices and high quality natural metallic minerals products.

Company also exporting complete range of Himalayan Pink Salt Products, edible pink salt or Table Salt Coarse Grade, Salt Lamps & Decors, Salt Tiles and Bricks and Animal Lick Salt. Saremco Impex Private Limited has multiple business divisions and team of experienced resources are handling operations of these divisions, we can fulfill sourcing requirement of any product that lies under our business divisor for instance if you have inquiry related to Metallic Minerals products then our Metallic minerals division will source that product for you. Our business divisions are Agriculture Division, Metallic Minerals and Salt Division, Herbs and Spices division and Animal Feed Division

Chrome ore

Pakistan huge reserves of Chromite Ore and Chromite ore products. Pakistan has huge mineral reserves covering an outcrop area of 600,000 square kilometers. There are currently 92 identified minerals, 52 of which are commercially mined, with a total annual production capacity of 68.52 MMT. On average.

Saremco Impex Private Limited has capacity of mining, Producing and exporting monthly 10000 Metric Tons or more. We have competent prices compared to international supplier’s prices, with highest quality Foundry Grade. Its usage is mainly in Stainless Steel Industry, Chemical Industry, and Iron industry. Chromite, and its value-added products have a lot of potential and are in high demand in international markets, our major exports of Chrome Ore Concentrate to China, Russia, South Korea, Japan and Taiwan.

Chrome ore export from pakistan

Chrome ore Concentrate or Chromite

Chrome ore Concentrate or Chromite​

Here is specification of Cr2O3 High Quality Chrome Ore Concentrate from Pakistan Minerals Deposits from Balochistan and Northern Areas, where Saremco Impex facilitating mining, production, processing and packing.

Chromite, and its value-added products have a lot of potential and are in high demand both domestically and abroad

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Chromite​ reserves in pakistan
Chrome Ore Processing​, Chrome Ore

Chrome Ore Processing

Chrome ore processing involves crushing, screening, grinding, beneficiation and drying. Chrome ore beneficiation plant includes feeder, jaw crusher, impact crusher, vibrating screen, belt conveyor, concentrator, dryer and other equipment’s. During the chrome ore beneficiation process, chromite is crushed into small pieces, then go through further processing. After crushing, the material is separated into different size fractions by screening and hydro cyclone before being further concentrated. The product of the beneficiation process is usually a concentrate that contains a high percentage of chromium and other valuable metals and minerals. 

Chrome ore processing refers to the conversion of raw chrome ore into usable materials through various industrial processes. Chrome ore, also known as chromite, is a mineral that contains chromium, which is used primarily in the production of stainless steel and other alloys. Chrome ore beneficiation plant is a facility that processes the extracted chrome ore to improve its grade and remove impurities

The beneficiation of chrome ore typically involves the following stages

  • Crushing: The raw ore is crushed into smaller particles to facilitate further processing.
  • Grinding: The crushed ore is then ground to a finer size using grinding mills. This step helps to liberate the valuable minerals from the gangue (unwanted material).
  • Gravity separation: This is a common method used to separate chromite from other minerals based on the difference in specific gravity. Heavy media separation and spiral concentrators are often used in this stage.
  • Magnetic separation: Magnetic separation is employed to remove magnetic minerals or impurities from the chromite ore. Magnetic separators are used to attract and separate the magnetic components
  • Flotation: In some cases, flotation is used to separate chromite from other minerals. Chemical reagents are added to create a froth that selectively attaches to the chromite particles, which can then be separated from the rest of the ore
The beneficiation of chrome ore, chromite export from pakistan
  • Drying and smelting: After the beneficiation process, the concentrate obtained is typically dried and then smelted to produce ferrochrome, which is used in the production of stainless steel. It’s important to note that the specific processes and technologies used in chrome ore processing and beneficiation may vary depending on the characteristics of the ore deposit and the desired final product
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