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Saremco’s Potato

Potato is the fourth most important crop by volume of production. SAREMCO International has its farms in Punjab, the province where around 83% of production is done. The harvest seasons are Autumn, Spring, and Summer and most of the production yield is made in Autumn (75%). Our Premium Quality Mozika and Mozika Express Potatoes are great for French Fries while our Lady Rosetta Potatoes are best for industrial chips. Our main markets for potatoes are Russia, the Middle East, GCC Countries, Sri Lanka, and Turkey.


Today, Pakistan is known as one of the most significant countries for potatoes, and our potatoes are overpowering different market sectors because of its outstanding quality, bundling, and lower cost. Here at Saremco, we produce the best quality, smooth and regular yellow and red skin, long and round mold potatoes. We are one of the largest Potato exporting companies in Pakistan.


Lady Rosetta Potatoes is the best chips potato, with high dry issues and is nearly sugar like different chip potatoes. Rosetta is the most love Potato for the chips makers, for example, PepsiCo, Mr. Crisps, and Super Crisps, and so on, because of its sugar-free and fresh attributes. Exporters in Pakistan Trade just Lady Rosetta Potatoes to make customers oversize. 


This Potato is accessible throughout the entire year. It can be sent out from the field from Mid January – April Month. 

Packaging : 

Usually traded in 25kg and 60kg work packs. Anyway, we can also provide them with customized packaging as customer desire. 


Mozika is the most well-known Potato kind for trade reasons. It is for quite some time formed and preferred by different wholesalers in general stores and cafés. This way, it can be mold into different dishes and has clean skin. We trade it after washing as it is preferable to export after a good wash.  


This Potato is accessible throughout the entire year. We can cultivate it from the field from January. You can also store it for 10 Degrees.

Packaging : 

We normally trade in 7kg and 10kg straightforward packs. We can also provide them with customize packaging as customer desire. 


Sante Potatoe is famous for its long shelf-life. It is proper round shape and is usually prefer by customers who want to make chips out of it. Saremco International usually exports it after washing properly as it is very suitable for a water wash.


Just like other potatoes, this kind is also available throughout the year.


 The packaging is available as per customer requests. 


This potato has its origin in Holland, its skin is red and inside has a fairly yellow flesh, its skin is quite rough and has large dark green leaves. It has numerous oval-shaped tubers as well as shallow eyes and its bud is large, in the shape of a thick cylinder with a large terminal bud weighing between 70 and 120 grams. Its maturation is semi-late but with a very high yield and is quite resistant to non-infectious black spot.


SAREMCO offers LCL and FCL services from Port to Port for best Pakistani mangoes. Our ocean freight shipment is most secure and reliable. We work with all shipping lines with fixed contract rates. SAREMCO Impex Core expertise lies in Providing a full customized range of solutions to customers. We know all ins and outs of How to export mangoes from Pakistan. We always send a shipment with the latest mango price in Karachi.

chromite SHIPMENT


In terms of emergency, we offer air shipments to our clients so the order can be reached on time. We specialize in arranging the fastest, most convenient, and reliable routing for our customer’s shipments. To get more information, you can contact us as well. Our extensive knowledge of customer clearance makes us confident about your Cargo’s arrival at its destination safely and promptly.



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