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Saremco Impex Pvt Ltd is a premier export firm of mixed minerals from Pakistan. Superiority and reliability are our major trademarks. We can supply the Bubble Quartz which resembles crystal but it is different in its appearance. It is also said that certain mystical properties are part of this precious gemstone.
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Bubble Quartz – Arousing Interest and Pleasure

Bubble Quartz has two names “bubble glass” or “hydro quartz,” which is an attractive variety of quartz with some of these tiny water or air bubbles sealed traps inside. Through the formation of bubbles, we can marvel at the magical optical effects that emerge, giving the appearance of the spheroids ranging from thin delicate film to large moving ones. Consequently, every specimen captures its distinct enchantment. Not only for its beauty, but Bubble Quartz is also viewed as having healing and reviving attributes which make it very special the world over and loved by collectors and enthusiasts.
Saremco Impex Ltd. has realized that sourcing Bubble Quartz from ethical and responsible vendors is a precondition for its operation. Inner Pakistan is a domain of various varieties of Bubble Quartz, as there are many sites in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Gilgit-Baltistan. Our team of us pays close attention to good miners and suppliers; so every one of the Bubble Quartz specimens that we are exporting passes the approval and meets the best quality standards and authenticity.

Bubble Quartz Directly Export Pakistan

Saremco Impex Pvt Ltd has made a name success in this sector and through our services, by being the key Bubble Quartz export service provider from Pakistan. From the perspective of a jewelry designer or jeweler or as a collector, you can find a variety of Bubble Quartz specimens for a different reason, each for your individual needs. We pride ourselves in Quartz Bubble raw crystal that has paved the way for polished cabochons and spheres offering our client’s numerous solutions and preferences.

Our product range includes

Raw Bubble Quartz Crystals: Untouched and in their original form, unrefined Bubble Quartz Crystals bring out the imperfect beauty and distinctive qualities of each unique specimen.

Polished Cabochons: You’ll be amazed at how a careless eye will be able to tell a lot about the quality of your jewelry when it is cut and polished to enhance the luster and clarity and displays the labor of polished Bubble Quartz cabochons that can be used in jewelry making and decorative arts.

Spheres and Tumbled Stones: Cast and milled by natural processes, Bubble Quartz spheres and tumbled stones develop a soft and glossy finish. They can be applied in various holistic practices including meditation, energy, and healing work.


We will examine the advantages of the cooperation with Saremco Impex Pvt Ltd

Quality Assurance: Every Bubble Quartz good in our exports goes through the most thorough quality control to make sure that it is as pure as possible and a reliable great product.

Reliable Logistics: We boast an outstanding logistics system that ensures timely and secure delivery of Bubble Quartz specimens to Bubble Quartz customers no matter where they are located in the world.

Exceptional Customer Service: Our team is trained to give personalized assistance and support according to the client’s needs so every alteration will be carefully tailored.

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Feel the splendor and serenity of Bubble Quartz directly connected with Saremco Impex By Pvt Ltd as your esteemed collaborator. Whether you are a crystal practitioner thinking of a rough Bubbling Quartz crystal specimen or a jeweler looking for a polished product, we have products destined for your purposes. Allow us to engage in a B2B trade revolution and begin realizing the potential of the premium Bubble Quartz that is harvested from Pakistan. Speak to us at your convenience to further discuss our offers.

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